+ about
c. 2018

Cell Phone Wall is a playful project made for Lauren McCarthy's ‘Smarter Home’ class as part of the School for Poetic Computation’s 2018 Code Societies program.

The project was installed and presented at the Student Showcase at Prime Produce, NYC.

From the SFPC website:

“Code Societies examines the ideological and mythological attributes of computation, concentrating on the poetics and politics of culturally embedded software.

How do different platforms and processes — including algorithms, data collection, social media, networks, simulation, and ritual — yield distinct modes of seeing, thinking, and feeling, structure social organization, and reinforce existing systems of power?” 

+ credit
jenny nelson, design, code, production
K. Kovacs – design, code, production
Luming Hao - code
Lauren McCarthy - code
Melanie Hoffman - program director

+ how it works
Cell Phone Wall asks questions about public and private surveillance and proposes a communal solution to the never-ending battle to keep our phones charged. 

Instead of dealing privately with charging, phones are collectively stored on a public wall with a dedicated charging station set up.

Each user of the wall serves as an ‘attendant’, keeping an eye on everyone’s phones and sending automatically generated battery saving tips to each phone screen. A nearby computer detects the presence of an attendant through facial recognition, and responds by pushing notifications to each phone in the wall.

From afar, phones light up with notifications reminding their owners of their presence from a safe distance, and keeping device distraction at bay.

+ the code  
check out the code here